As of September 30, 2012, there were one billion monthly active users and 604 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products. Statistics from:

If you and your business are not on facebook... WHY?

We can help you navigate the social media world and facebook is an essential piece of that puzzle. 

Contact us and we can have an off-the-cuff chat about the importance that social media, and particularly Facebook, can play in the advertising and marketing of your business or services.


  1. The "post" section allows users to input information to update their customers. In this section, the user can also upload photos, videos, and links.

  2. This is an example of a finished post. It is a quick snippet of information to easily inform others of what is happening.

  3. The "status" section includes new features such as creating offers or events, adding milestones to your timeline, and the ability to ask other Facebook users a question. This is a more interactive way to involve your customers in your company's workings.

  4. This is an example of a video and link post. It includes a quick explanation of what is being posted, a video feed, and also links to a website.
  5. This is an example of a photo and link post. It includes information of what the post is about with a small thumbnail and the link for more information. 

  6. Facebook Pages often include extra information about a business such as what events you attend, other businesses and companies you like, and other companies you are connected with. This is an example of a "likes" section that shows up on Facebook Pages

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